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Church at Bevo was planted with a vision to see Jesus glorified among the nations in the Bevo Mill area of St. Louis City. We are a church in our neighborhood for our neighborhood.


Four central themes shape our community at the Church at Bevo: Word, Spirit, Mission, & Christ. These influence and direct who we are, what we believe, and what we do.


The word of God is how we know God and His purposes and plans for us. If God had not graciously revealed His word to us we would know little about Him. The natural world, the sun & moon, the stars, and the earth, reveal there is a great Creator God, but to truly know Him as He desires us to know Him, we must encounter Him in His word. God’s perfect plans for humanity, the gospel, are revealed only in the hearing and believing of His word. Apart from hearing and believing the word mankind cannot be saved. The active power of God in the word shapes us into the image of His son Jesus. The Holy Spirit moves and speaks to humanity through the word of God. The word of God is the only foundation we can confidently build our lives upon.


At the Church at Bevo the word of God is read every Sunday, messages are preached directly from the word, preachers work to help the Church understand how we are to apply the word to our lives in this day and age. The word of God is the megaphone through which the Holy Spirit speaks and we continue to hear the voice of God. The word of God is the lens through which the Holy Spirit shines light on our path for how to live. The word of God is an anchor that the Holy Spirit uses to keep us grounded through the storms of life; we are a word AND Spirit Church. 


The Holy Spirit of God is still active and moving in the world. The Holy spirit is the third person of the Trinity, and has existed eternally as God and with God. The Spirit, along with God the Father and Jesus the son created the world. The Holy Spirit was active in the world from olden times, in days of old men and women of God would be filled up with the Holy Spirit, especially to accomplish special purposes of God in their generations. God’s purpose for humanity is to be forever united with Him, in His Holy Spirit, and to be a new creation, transformed by the Holy Spirit, and filled up with the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. The Holy Spirit actively works to make it possible for humanity to understand the gospel and to be saved. The Holy Spirit fills up believers and actively transforms them to more and more look like Jesus. The Holy Spirit is God’s ongoing presence with us, we are comforted by God through the nearness of His Holy Spirit. We are inspired and propelled into God’s good works and mission through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Church (believers, disciples of Jesus Christ) receive gifts from the Holy spirit, supernatural ways God works especially through them, to accomplish His purposes in our generation.


At the Church at Bevo we desire to see the Holy Spirit active in the lives of our members on an ongoing basis. We strive to  shape poignant moments where men and women, children of God, are filled up with His spirit to then go out and live their lives in His power, with His passion, in faith that He is working through them. We look to help members live and serve out of the supernatural gifts that God has given them, gifts of the Spirit. We believe God still speaks through His people, that the insight and direction He gives people today, will line up with what He inspired in His holy word the bible; we are a word AND Spirit church.


God is a missional God. Before the world began God determined the gospel and the passion of Jesus was His purpose for humanity. God patiently spent thousands of years preparing humanity for the purpose of Jesus coming into the world. The life of Jesus on earth, the miracles He performed, the words He spoke, the death He died on the cross, His resurrection from the dead, His ascension up into heaven, the sending of the Holy Spirit, are THE crux of history. All of God’s purposes and plans for all humanity for all time center around this time and these events.


Jesus came to earth with a mission, a purpose, to save humanity from judgment for her sins. In his lifetime on earth Jesus sent out missionaries to preach the good news; before He left this earth He gave His disciples guidance to continue to preach the good news; He told His disciples to wait until the Holy Spirit had been given, so that they would have power to preach the good news effectively. The Church in every age and in every location, continues to have as her mission to seek and to save the lost, and join God on His mission.


Jesus, the Christ(Acts 2:36), is the One, BY whom all things exist, and THROUGH whom all things exist, and FOR whom all things exist (Col 1:16,Rom. 11:36). Jesus is to have superiority over all things. We are all meant to be shaped to look and live like Jesus (Rom 8:29,2 Cor 3:18).


Jesus is the Christ(Luke 9:20). He is the One, the anointed one of God, that all the Old Testament scriptures pointed to, the law and the prophets and the Psalms(Luke 24:44-45). He is the only one that can make us right with God. He is the only one by whom humanity may find salvation. Jesus existed eternally with God the Father and the Holy Spirit(John 8:58, John 17:5, Heb 9:14). He came to earth(Heb 10:5), born fully man, and fully God(John 1:14,1 Timothy 2:5,Philippians 2:7,Colossians 2:9), for the purpose of winning salvation for humanity(1 Timothy 1:15).


In the preaching and teaching at Church at Bevo we strive to constantly and consistently point to Jesus: where we see Jesus and the gospel in every text we preach & teach, where we see Jesus moving among us and calling us to live like him, we consistently worship in songs that lift up and glorify the second person of the Trinity, the Son of God.


All our previous values point toward Jesus: The Spirit opens our eyes to Jesus and the gospel; The Spirit helps us understand the words of Jesus; the Spirit shapes us into the image of Jesus. The Word of God became flesh in the person of Jesus; the word in Old Testament and New continually and consistently reveals the glory of Jesus and his works; we know God through knowing Jesus as revealed through His holy word. We are sent on mission by Jesus, as His ambassadors and emissaries to a lost and broken world who He loves and wants to redeem; we are welcomed to join Jesus and God the Father in their mission to save humanity; we know Jesus better and more truly by joining in his apostolic calling.

Other Beliefs & Convictions

God the Father

God Almighty is the great Creator God, the one true God, the eternally existent One through whom, and from whom, and to whom, all things exist. All existence, things on earth, and things in heaven, were created by God. All things have as their purpose to glorify God.


God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit, are the triune God, eternally existent, united as one, and three persons in the Godhead. God the Father is over all. Jesus the son, eternally God with God the Father, eternally submits Himself to the Father. The Holy Spirit of God is the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit reveals God, and is from God. God is one.


God is absolutely all-powerful, He rules and controls all things, things in heaven and on earth. God is absolutely all knowing, nothing is hidden from Him, He knows all things before they come to be. God is altogether absolutely good. There is no wickedness, nor darkness, there is no bent towards badness to any degree in God Almighty, He is absolutely pure and good.


God is in charge of all things, all things. He orders all things from the beginning of time to the end of time for His own purposes. God designed and planned, before creating anything, that Jesus would be the savior of the world. God chose, in Jesus, those who would be His children – from before the beginning to time. God allowed evil to come into existence, and is working out His own purposes through it and in spite of it. God has completely destroyed the power of evil through the death and resurrection of Jesus – at the return of Jesus God will remove forever all evil from the earth.


The Church

 The Church is an entirely unique set of individuals connected in biblical community. The Church are men and women of God who have been called out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light. We formerly were spiritually dead, but when we looked to Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection in faith, God made us alive spiritually through His Holy Spirit. God is working out his purposes for humanity in every generation through His Church. God is working out His purposes for neighborhoods and cities through His Church. The Church is God’s modern day priests and prophets, representing God to man (in mission) and man to God (in prayer). The local Church is God’s special and holy counsel, called out of the greater worldly community, to live in biblical community – to be transformed as disciples into the image of His son, and to transform our communities by the power God has placed in His Church.


Elder led

 The biblical model for Church governance and leadership is a plurality of elders, ideally with a lead pastor, a leader among equals, and two or more other men anointed and called to lead the local church for their season and generation. The elder body leads the Church by humbly serving the church, and working diligently to help them grow as disciples and accomplish their mission in their community, and receive rewards in the life to come for faithful service and good works today. The elder model is foreshadowed by Moses and the 70 elders in the Old Testament. It is exemplified in Jesus and his twelve apostles in the New Testament. It is revealed as God’s design for Church governance by Paul in the letters to the churches he planted in the 1st century.


Small Groups & Corporate Worship

 The body of Christ, the Church, best grows into the disciples we are called to be, by living in biblical community with one another in both big (corporate worship) and smaller gatherings (small groups). Large corporate worship is exemplified in the Old Testament by the tabernacle and temple worship, the regular festivals of the people of Israel, and the synagogue meetings seen in the gospels. The regular gathering of the body (whether small and large groups) is commanded by God in the New Testament.

Smaller groups of Christians, by 2s and threes, and also by groups of 8-12, also play a unique and biblical role in discipleship and growth and completion of the mission of Christ. Smaller groups of believers, called out of the whole, is exemplified in the New Testament by Jesus and His 12 apostles, and by his inner circle of James and John and Peter. Smaller groups of believers are able to go deeper in their personal application of scripture and level of intimacy with each other and God. Smaller groups are able to be more flexible in their meeting times and can ebb and flow with the demands of life.


The Church at Bevo has small groups that meet in believer’s homes on differing days and times throughout the week to sharpen each other and encourage and pray for one another.


Prayer Ministry

 At the Church at Bevo we have a strong conviction that prayer is extremely important to the life and successful mission of the Church. We know God better and encounter Him personally through prayer. We are guided in prayer to accomplish His will. The troubles and trials of this life are overcome, in part, through answered prayers – to the Glory of God the Father and Jesus the son. The Church includes personal and corporate prayer as a key part of our regular gatherings. We craft a number of prayer gatherings throughout the week, some that are gender specific, some that are open to the whole body, some that are part of our small group gatherings.


Baptism and the Communion

Baptism and communion are two commandments to the Church, given to us by Jesus, that are both powerful and mysterious. They are powerful for our upbuilding. When practiced regularly and faithfully they build up the faith of the Church. The shape our faith and keep it strong and passionate and focused on Jesus Christ. Baptism and communion regularly glorify Jesus the son in the life of the Church.

Baptism and communion are mysterious. Baptism does not save us – faith in Jesus alone saves – but baptism is closely tied and unable to be separated from true saving faith. The regular taking of communion does not accomplish our salvation – faith in Jesus alone saves – but Jesus commanded his disciples and his early church to regularly practice communion to glorify His name. Baptism and communion do not accomplish our salvation, but it is not as if they do nothing either. They are powerful and mysterious. The bible does not tell us everything that is happening unseen in the spiritual realms when we faithfully follow Jesus in baptism and in communion – but God ordained spiritual movements are building up his saints and his Church when we faithfully practice baptism and communion.


At the Church at Bevo we baptize through complete immersion in water, believing it best symbolizes the death of Christ and his resurrection and the corresponding death and resurrection of the believer. We baptize those who have, by their own will and decision, turned away from sin and repented, and personally believed in Jesus.


At the Church at Bevo we practice communion, or the Lord’s supper, on a weekly basis at our regular corporate gatherings on Sunday morning. We understand this is the heritage that was turned over to us from the early Church, that is how they practiced it, it is how we continue to practice it.

Our Elders

Our church is led by a team of lay elders who meet the qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Their deepest hope and prayer is for our church to grow in their knowledge and love for God.

Andrew Hicks
Lead Pastor

Matthew Fitzgerald

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